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I am a business and project management consultant. I have over 18 years of experience improving teams and employees performance, managing cost effectively, maximizing customers’ value and making them competitive in the 21st Century marketplace. I consistently achieve sustainable results through the application of advanced and smart technologies in planning, designing, developing, implementing, and monitoring and controlling project, program, and global-based business organizations-public and private.

I am a PhD candidate at Northcentral University, San Diego, California, specializing in project management. I hold a Master of Project Management degree (MPM) from DeVry Keller Graduate School of Management, Microsoft Certified Professional, Network plus, A+, CCNA, to name some examples (see resume)


Managing Technical Teams Apr 2015 – License DB5D11
Managing International Projects Dec 2015 – Dec 2015 License 9CD0C2
Managing Project Teams Apr 2015 – License D233EC
Managing Project Budgets Apr 2015 – License FAC9A0
Managing Project Schedules Sep 2013 –  License 5ACA8A
Making Investment Decisions Mar 2014 – License 9F675B
Agile Project Management Oct 2013 –  License A48FB2
Lenovo Desktop Systems Service Jul 2009 –   License RDD6-RI
Training Certificate Lenovo Jul 2009 –   License RDD06-RI
Network+ Certified Professional Nov 2007 -License COMP001006637250
A+ Certified Professional May 2006 –License COMP001003235404
MCP-Microsoft Certified Professional May 2006 – License 161633256